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Evolabel e-Wipe 90 Applicator

 high speed and accuracy

  • Fast, accurate and secure label apply to one or two faces

  • Fast rotating movement 90 degrees

  • Accurate label positions

Tech Info
Evolabel e-Wipe 90 Applicator


The Evolabel e-Wipe 90 applicator allows fast, accurate and secure label apply on one or two faces of the box. The ease of use and reliability makes it well suited for automated industries and logistic centres. The applicator arm has a fast rotating movement 90 degrees versus the print direction making it ideal for applying wide and short labels at high speed and accuracy. A function for pre-apply position gives very accurate label positions also at very high speeds. Suitable label sizes for this applicator stretches from 60 x 30 mm to 178 x 100 mm. 



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Adjacent side labeling

The stepper motor controlled applicator arm makes it easy to set up the applicator from the graphic display. When 2 label copies are needed on a box, individual apply distance is easily set for the two individual strokes. The e-wipe 90 applicator suits all Evolabel printer models, from the D43 to the T63 model. 

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