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maccell DOD

maccell Premium Waterproof

Special waterproof design

maccell premium waterproof 1.jpg
  • Simple and Robust Design

  • Excellent application in any environment

  • IP65 Grade Waterproof and Dustproof Design

  • maccell DOD Technology application

Tech Info
maccell Premium Waterproof


Inter Mac Waterproof DOD Inkjet Printer is equipped with special waterproof design that protects the system while performing marking and coding on products in the humind and dusty environment.

PI65 Grade Degin can help increase the productivity with low maintenance cost. In addition, this system is made with world's best Drop On Demadn (DOD) Technology so you can get flexible, fine marking with high speed.

Printhead and Controller
maccell premium waterproof  printhead an

Print Speed:

175 Meters per (max.)

IMG_8379 1200px_edited.jpg

External Photo Sensor,

Speed Encoder

RS232, RS485

Waterproof maccell™ Design​
maccell premium waterproof  maccell desi

2.5 Liters Large Capacity

(Option: 5, 14 Liters)

maccell premium waterproof  maccell desi

Wave Utility Bracket

Fine and Clear marking

on any surface

maccell premium waterproof  maccell desi

Printhead Connection Cable

IP65 Grade



Inter Mac develops and distributes a wide variety of inks to our customers worldwide for maccell marking systems. The quality and chemical compatibility with all of maccell products are the top priority of Inter Mac.

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