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Print & Apply

Print & Apply systems automate your production line by doing exactly what its term suggests. Simple engineering technology uses the flexibility of thermal transfer or direct thermal printing technology with electro-pneumatic actuation to print and apply a self-adhesive label automatically to the product. Depending on your application self-adhesive blank or pre-printed, labels can be printed and applied either with a tamp, blow, or wipe-on applicator.


Since each application is unique, we develop a solution to meet your exact requirements. REDEMAC Print & Apply systems are designed to reduce your labor costs. Offering the same characteristics as the rest of our product line, REDEMAC labelling solutions are reliable and robust. They have been designed for ease of operation, service and maintenance.


Typical applications are manufacturing that require a label applied to the product with a barcode, best before date, table of contents, batch number, weight, etc. In applications where uptime and quality are essential REDEMAC is the perfect partner for your production requirements.

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