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Inkjet Labels

QuickLabel has developed special inkjet-receptive label materials capable of absorbing water-based inks. Printed labels are dry immediately as they exit the printer, so they do not smear and are able to produce the most accurate colors possible.

Ink Cartridges

QuickLabel inks are designed to print in a wide color gamut onto a large array of label stocks with images that resist fading, abrasion and dry quickly. QuickLabel printers use four separate cartridges, one for each CMYK ink color, allowing for optimal color matching at a minimal price.

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Thermal Transfer Labels

QuickLabel developed a line of thermal transfer-receptive label materials to produce excellent print quality and end-use durability when used with QuickLabel’s own line of thermal transfer ribbons and label printers.

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Thermal Transfer Ribbons

QuickLabel manufactures and sells barcode ribbons (thermal transfer ribbons) for your barcode printer at a factory-direct low price. QuickLabel carries the largest variety of spot color thermal transfer ribbons in the industry.

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Laser LED Labels

QuickLabel has developed materials capable of withstanding a high fusing temperature while producing vivid, long-lasting printed labels resistant to moisture, UV light, abrasion and most solvents – even without lamination.

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Toner Cartridges

QuickLabel QL-300 toners are designed to print on a large array of Laser / LED Labels with images that deliver the utmost durability, water-fastness and UV-resistance at a competitive cost of ownership.

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