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XIAMEN SOJET ELECTRONICS CO., LTD established in 2011, specialized in HP TIJ 2.5 technology based high-resolution printers. Sojet is awarded by HP and its strength is to provide total industrial marking and packing solutions for industries of labeling, mailing, pharmacy, food packaging, cosmetics with affordable price. Its core department – RND TEAM, continuously focused on innovation and has successfully incorporated currently popular touching-screen, bionics into product design and made the small-sized all-in-one smart printer. The philosophy that pushed Sojet moving forward is “if we want to win the market, we need to help our customers win first.”

Sojet V1H Handheld
Sojet Elfin I
Sojet Elfin ID
Sojet Elfin ID-C
Elfin IS.png
Sojet Elfin IS
Sojet Elfin II
Sojet Elfin IIC
Sojet Elfin VI
Sojet Elfin VIE
Sojet Elfin VIC
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