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Thermocode iQ

Wireless networking capable

  • Wireless networking capable, change/monitor print production remotely via smartphone or tablet

  • High-speed intermittent operation

  • 300 dpi (12 dots/mm) print resolution

  • 53 x 100mm print area

  • 7" (18cm) touchscreen display w/ built-in format design software

  • All electronic operation (no compressed air)

  • 1,000-meter ribbon capacity

  • Easy loading ribbon magazine

  • USB & Ethernet connectivity

  • Full networking capability

  • Optional PC label design software

A simple yet versatile on-line thermal transfer printer, the Thermocode iQ is capable of printing high-quality images including text, graphics, dates, barcodes, and 2D codes onto flexible packaging materials including labels, films, foils, cartons, and cards. It is designed to operate with all intermittent labeling and packaging machinery.


The Thermocode iQ incorporates three stepper motors allowing precise settings which will ensure minimal wear to the printhead and accurate control of the printer's operations. No compressed air is required.


The iQ's 1,000-metre ribbon capacity, accurate ribbon drive system and the ability to make fine manual adjustments ensure minimal downtime and wastage as well as the maximum economy.


The operation is controlled via a 7" color touchscreen user interface which provides the operator with a print preview as well as current printer status information including print speed and ribbon remaining. Stored print images can be easily loaded into the printer and edited and printer settings can be adjusted via the unit whilst the printer is operating.

Maximum print area: 

53 x 100mm


Printhead resolution:

300 dpi (12 dots/mm)


Maximum ribbon length:

1,000 metres


Maximum ribbon width:


Maximum print speed:

600mm per second


Data connections:

USB & Ethernet

Internal memory:


Printer dimensions (H x W x D):

223 x 230 x 233mm


Ribbon usage:



Supply voltage:

115/240 AC

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