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 Economical wraparound labelling machine

Tech Info
  • Entry level conveyor based wraparound labeling system for cylindrical/round products

  • Can also be used for single side panel labeling of flat-sided products

  • Possibility to add inline printer

  • Possibility to add a secondary top labeling head and/or tamper adaption system

ALbelt C – Economical wraparound labeling machine

ALbelt C is a compact linear labeling system for applying wraparound labels to cylindrical products such as bottles, cans, jars, and pots, and represents the ideal entry-level, automatic stand-alone solution to get started with self-adhesive labeling.


The system uses the ALstep label applicator installed on a compact and open solid structure, which supports a belt conveyor fitted with guides and a side wrap-around belt which wraps the label around the cylindrical body of the products. The result is an extremely compact, flexible and low-cost automatic solution.

ALbelt C is a modular system often used in solutions outside of packaging lines, where low production quantities at moderate speeds are required.

Example Configuration
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