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Carl Valentin
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Carl Valentin Dynacode II IP

Identification suitable for wet cleaning

  • Splash-proof electronics and print mechanics

  • Separate transfer ribbon cassette and cleaning cassette

  • Maximum protection in harsh production conditions

  • Electronic control unit is wall-mountable

  • Connection for 24V industrial encoder

  • Cable outlet at rear and on side

  • Audible signal issued in case of fault

Dynacode II IP Series

The splash-proof version of the Dynacode II offers additional protection in harsh production environments. The optionally available version additionally dispenses with bulky and bothersome covers to protect the device, as neither print module nor control unit must be dismounted or covered during the cleaning process. This means that production downtimes are even further reduced.

The cleaning cassette necessary for this can simply replace the ribbon cassette within seconds. The splash-proof Dynacode II IP version is ideally suited for marking hygienic products and for printing in production environments where wet cleaning is required, such as in dairies or coffee roasting plants.

Water and dust protection equipment

After all the necessary connections have been established to the control unit and all unused connectors have been covered using the appropriate accessory, the control unit is protected against water and dust at all times, in accordance with protection class IP65. Owing to conditions during the operation of direct printing units of this type, the printing mechanism cannot be fully protected against the ingress of water while printing is in progress. However, using the special cleaning cassette, it is possible to protect the printing mechanism during downtimes against the ingress of water and dust in accordance with protection class IP65.

Technical data
Dynacode II IP technical documents 1.png
Dynacode II IP technical documents 2.png
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