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Thermal Transfer Coders and Printers 

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The highest level of expertise in matters relating to printing and labelling systems, involved in practically all industrial sectors – that is Carl Valentin GmbH. What started in 1918 as a label factory has developed into one of the leading producers of labelling systems – with global sales markets.

Direct Print Modules

With over 40 years specializing in the design and manufacture of Hot Foil and Thermal Transfer overprinting systems, Open Date remains focused on what it does best. Open Date doesn't offer overprinting systems as part of a larger range of products - they are our ONLY range of products.

In order to be the best solution provider to suit your needs, REDEMAC offers a wide range of Open Date overprinting systems, a first class installation and after sales service, as well as consumables.

Online Thermal Transfer Printers
Hot Foil Printers
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