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Thermal Transfer Printers

Open Date
Online Thermal Transfer Printers

A range of high-quality Thermal Transfer Coders manufactured by Open Date provides the ideal solution to your printing needs.  With 40 years of experience, these industrial machines offer high-quality engineering with proven reliability, durability and speed.


All of our machines are manufactured to the highest engineering standards. Using our industry experience and our in-house design team, we can easily integrate with an extensive range of packaging machines.


If you require a coding device that provides maximum uptime for your production line with minimal downtime, minimal maintenance and a history of success, you found it!


Intermittent Motion Thermal Transfer Printers

The most common application for an on-line thermal transfer printer is to print or code onto a web, label or another item that is stationary. This is referred to as intermittent. They are suited to packaging, labeling and other machinery where the web material or item to be printed stops once per machine cycle. Intermittent printers print during this stop time.

Continuous Motion Thermal Transfer Printers

On some parent machines continuous printing is required as the substrate is always moving. On a flow wrapper for example, the film moves continuously while the machine is operating. To allow for this it is necessary to fit a printer that has been adapted to print on to a continuously moving substrate.

Continuous Thermocodes use an encoder device to measure the speed at which the substrate is moving. The printer then uses this information to calculate how fast to lay down the print image and to feed the thermal ribbon. This ensures consistency of print quality and position irrespective of whether the substrate is accelerating from start up, decelerating to a stop or running at a constant speed.

Thermocode iQ
Thermocode S2
Thermocode 53E
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