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Universal Stenciling & Marking Systems

As requests for a coding system to print on varnished cartons, plastic films, metals and other non-porous materials increased, Universal began research on the most challenging project in its history. Printing on these materials requires fast drying solvent based inks which had always been very problematic for any coding system. The fast evaporation rates of these solvent-based inks at normal ambient temperature would render the inking systems on standard roll coders inoperable after a matter of minutes. Developing a simple, inexpensive, non-porous inking system design took a great deal of time and creative thinking but the result was an innovation worthy of international patents. Universal's Non-Porous Inking System is simplistic yet truly effective for handling inks that dry as fast as 2 seconds at 75 degree ambient temperatures. This innovative product is the only system of its kind on the world market and it provides unsurpassed performance while requiring minimal maintenance.

Universal Stenciling & Marking Systems is dedicated to the advancement of contact coding technology and through research and innovative designs, its products have remained one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of coding currently available.

Roll Coders for
Porous Surfaces
Roll Coders for
Non-Porous Surfaces
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