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Zebra ZT400 Series

 Rugged durability with many features

Tech Info
  • Asset Management

  • Cross Docking

  • Inventory Management

  • Lab Sample Tracking

  • Receiving/Shipping

  • Reverse Logistics

  • Work-in-Process Tracking

  • Compliance Labeling

  • Information Labels

  • Order Labeling

  • Quality Control

Engineered to meet your current and future business needs

Building on the ZM Series’ proven reputation for reliability, the ZT400 Series delivers advancements in print speed, connectivity options, and management and support tools.  Increased processing power and user memory, along with an open architecture, allow these printers to advance with technology. End-user-installable media handling options empower you to customize your printer to match your needs—both now and in the future.


Designed to deliver ease of integration, operation, and management

Dynamic QR codes for “on-demand,” web-based support help users resolve printer errors quickly. The lighted and color-coded, side-loading supplies paths facilitate simple installation of media and ribbon and the tool-less print head and platen roller replacement keeps operations running. Zebra’s Link-OS environment delivers enhanced capabilities for monitoring, managing and maintaining ZT Series printers from any location.


Application flexibility

Standard USB, Serial, Ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity options — as well as two open media slots — allow users to utilize non-standard connectivity options (Parallel, Zigbee, etc.), design failover connections and provide for future protocols. End-user installable media handling options allow you to customize your printer to match your current and future business needs. 

Link-OS® for greater visibility, remote management and easier maintenance

Zebra’s highly intelligent, best-in-class Link-OS environment provides greater insight into the real-time status and functions of your printing processes. With Link-OS, you can use a single cloud-based application to manage routing, firmware updates, printer configuration and more, on-site or remotely. And applications like Virtual  Devices, Profile Manager, Near Field Communication (NFC) and Print Touch make   it easy to integrate, update and contact support.

Zebra ZT410.png
ZT410 Industrial Printer

With a print width of 4 inches, the ZT410 has print speeds up to 14 ips and offers high-resolution (600 dpi) printing for small-label applications.

ZT420 Industrial Printer

Fast and reliable, the ZT420 has a print width of 6 inches and can print up to 12 ips.

Model                                                  ZT410                                                            ZT420                                             


Maximum Print Width                               4"                                                                      6"


Maximum Ribbon Length                         450 m                                                               450 m


Maximum Print Speed                             14 ips                                                                14ips


User Interface                                          LCD                                                                   LCD

Print Resolution (dpi)                               203, 300, 600 dpi                                              203 and 300 dpi

Printer Control Language                        ZPL, EPL, others                                                 ZPL, EPL, others

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