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Egg coding with LEIBINGER EP printers

Fast, flexible and reliable

LEIBINGER EP printers- egg coding
  • Easy integration into Moba and Diamond systems (Moba Group) thanks to complete installation kits

  • High-quality and reliable egg coding for maximum food safety

  • Coding up to 252,000 eggs per hour (using 8 lanes and 8 printers)

Many countries around the world already require standardized egg coding.  Increasingly, producers are being required to print information directly onto eggs or egg cartons, such as a manufacturer code, the laying date or other production-related information. But egg coding can create significant added value for both the consumer and the producer even when the process is not mandated by law.

What are the advantages from egg coding?

  • Increased transparency and food safety foster trust among consumers

  • Complete product and process traceability for egg producers and consumers

  • Purchase-related information is passed on to the end consumer (e.g. farming conditions)

  • Concrete differentiation between competitors (especially in countries without mandatory marking and coding of eggs and egg cartons)

  • Retaining customers: Eggs with manufacturer logos create recognition value and contribute to brand identity, especially in developing countries where eggs are sold individually and not packaged together

  • Increased production efficiency

Why code eggs and egg cartons with LEIBINGER inkjet printers?

Continuous inkjet printers provide maximum flexibility in coding eggs and egg cartons. These printers can be used to imprint any packaging material and even the eggshell itself with fixed or variable information. Thanks to non-contact printing, different sized eggs are coded safely and reliably without readjusting the printhead.


It’s your choice! The egg coding can be positioned anywhere thanks to the flexible printhead. From end to end: front-side, bottom-side or top-side printing. Paul LEIBINGER has specially developed an elbow printhead for the egg industry, which provides top-side printing of the eggs even in cases where the conditions in the egg sorting machine are very cramped.

Easy integration! LEIBINGER egg printers are compatible with Moba and Diamond egg sorting and packaging machines (Moba Group). They are shipped with all interfaces, connections and cable sets, allowing for quick and easy plug-and-play integration. Complete integration into the egg sorting machine provides enormous advantages, such as automatic application of any changes in printing data for all printers in the system and automatic updates to the expiration date. It also ensures that each individual egg is imprinted with information that is specific to that egg.


Paul LEIBINGER offers all egg producers a complete solution for coding your eggs and egg cartons, including FDA and EU-compliant food-grade inks, the optional IP-65 protection class for protection against dust and spraying water as well as the automated Sealtronic nozzle seal (integrated by default) to prevent ink from drying out in the printhead.

Marking and coding eggs cartons with just one technology

Continuous inkjet printers can be used for marking and coding both eggshells and egg cartons. This means that egg producers who opt for a CIJ printer from LEIBINGER have a critical advantage: Instead of learning how to use several different printers, they only need to be familiar with and able to operate one printing system. This offers enormous efficiency advantages in the daily production process, e.g. in daily work on the system, training personnel, identical ink supplies for all printers, etc. In addition, you can switch to a different packaging material seamlessly when using continuous inkjet printers.

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