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Setting new performance standards in inkjet coding

Leibinger JET 3 SE.jpg
  • Printing speed up to 915 ft/min

  • Multiline fonts (1 to 5 lines)

  • 10.4“ color TFT touchscreen display (SVGA)

  • Windows based interface

  • Fully automatic viscosity and pressure control

Essential Line
Universal Line
High Speed Line
Tech Info

JET3se offers everything you need at an attractive price. It combines the best product quality, the highest level of reliability and an extensive

set of features to run your production more efficiently than ever. The JET3se comes with our unique Sealtronic print head technology included. It makes choosing the JET3se a no-brainer. Stop cleaning and start coding!

The JET3se embodies the next step in the evolution of Leibinger’s pursuit of performance and quality. With our unique and ultra-reliable

nozzle seal system, we have eliminated the need for head cleaning and continuous maintenance. What’s more, our hydraulic system guarantees extended run-times without operator intervention. For a Leibinger printer, months of production without intervention is the norm. A low-frequency preventive maintenance routine and efficient use of power and consumables give the JET3se one of the lowest running costs in the industry. This is good for the environment and great for your budget! The elimination of extensive cleaning routines and predictable business uptime enables you to finally shift your focus away from your inkjet coders to your business growth. An extensive portfolio of high-performance inks makes the JET3se a perfect solution for virtually any application. Moreover, 24 months of worry-free warranty make it easier than ever to choose the JET3se for your manufacturing plant.

Low operating cost

The completely self-sufficient hydraulic concept requires no external compressed air. It intentionally dispenses with maintenance-intensive, continuously running gear pumps, is only triggered at intervals of approx. 10 seconds for one stroke and works completely thermo-decoupled from the electronics unit. This lowers both energy costs and solvent consumption. An automatic drop and tear control also saves ink. And if something needs to be serviced after 6,000 operating hours as a rule, only small wear parts need replacing rather than expensive complete assemblies.

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