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To make your production line even more efficient

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Leibinger printers are already easy to use and rich in features: all JET3up printers include over 800 user-friendly functions as standard. But to make operation easier, and to make your production line even more efficient, there are a number of powerful software packages available.

JETedit3 - The easy way to design jobs for the JET3up printer

Preparing jobs for the JET3up printer (JET3up, JET3up PI, JET3up PRO, JET3up MI models) is easy with JETedit3 software. The user can prepare print jobs comfortably at a computer in the office and send them to the connected printer using Explorer (via Ethernet). Data can also be transferred via USB. Create graphics, configure parameters and manage all your print jobs via a familiar, easy-to-use PC interface.

WINJET3 Standard - Managing multiple printers with ease

Need to manage more than one printer? WINJET3 gives you centralized control over up to 30 printers, even if each printer is printing different data. WINJET3 also monitors printer status and allows you to start or stop with a single command.

WINJET3 Mailing - The easy way to handle variable data

WINJET3 Mailing extends the functionality of WINJET3 Standard by handling variable data. The software can be easily connected to databases to extract data files and send them to up to 30 printers. Typical applications include addressing packages or printing numbers, such as on lottery tickets or vouchers.

WINJET3 XY - Add an extra dimension to your productivity

WINJET3 XY is used to control XY-traverse systems such as Leibinger’s own JETmotion, where the print head moves both vertically and horizontally. The software makes it easy to control the movement, enabling products to be printed from left to right or top to bottom. The software calculates the optimum travel path in order to save time and make production as efficient as possible.

Remote Control - Smart printer control from your remote device

The flexibility of Leibinger printers enables them to be integrated anywhere into the production line, even in the smallest of places. But inaccessibility is no problem for you with our remote control function. Using free VNC Viewer software, any JET3up printer can be monitored and controlled from a mobile device. You can view status, create jobs and stop or start production – wherever you are.


NiceLabel is the world’s leading integrated label management system and Leibinger is the first continuous inkjet printer with its own NiceLabel-supported printer driver. Manage and control all coding, marking and labeling processes and systems using one common software – the NiceLabel software. Barcodes, QR codes, text or logos can be easily printed onto labels or directly onto products or packaging.

What is label management?

Leibinger customers typically produce a wide variety of products for many different customers. Managing the production, manufacture, storage and delivery of millions of products requires a sophisticated labeling process to ensure that all batches are accurately marked and managed throughout the entire process, from manufacture to delivery. Label management software, such as NiceLabel, sits at the heart of such operations. It integrates with enterprise systems such as SAP and Oracles and controls a variety of printers that print the labels, either onto an adhesive label, barcode label or – as with Leibinger CIJ printers – directly onto the product or packaging.

Which Leibinger printers are supported by NiceLabel?

NiceLabel has developed a printer driver for printing with all JET2neo and JET3up series models.

The models of the Basic and Universal Line can be used with the standard NiceLabel software or the more advanced NiceLabel Pro.

This creates a combined, best-of-breed system to meet the labeling and printing requirements of most organizations, including a label design function that allows a barcode label to be created and applied directly using CIJ technology. 

How can Leibinger CIJ printers be used with NiceLabel and NiceLabel Pro?

With a printer driver specifically designed for Leibinger printers, NiceLabel has made it possible to include Leibinger coding and marking machines within its label management system for a better user experience. Leibinger CIJ printers are a small but essential part of the production line, printing all kinds of variable data – including barcodes, QR codes, best-before-dates, text or logos – onto any surface or label. Typically label printing is performed by a standard label printer, which is then attached to the product or packaging – with Leibinger printers, barcode labels can be replaced by direct marking.

Leibinger printers ensure high productivity and throughput by printing at high-speed and with excellent reliability. Our unique Sealtronic print head technology ensures that the print head does not become clogged between runs – and thus minimizing downtime. Leibinger printers are also easy to use and famously reliable. NiceLabel is known as a label management solution that reduces cost and improves performance, so it is logical that it can be used with CIJ printers that are designed with the same business aim in mind.

Customer-specific software - Do things your way

We work closely with customers to ensure they get the most from their investment in our CIJ printers. For many customers, this extends to building in new functionality into the software. If you have a requirement, talk to us. If there is a way to increase your productivity, we’ll make it happen.

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