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Markoprint i JET

High-speed DoD inkjet printer

Control Systems
  • High-speed

  • Compact

  • Many possibilities with interlinking

Tech Info
Markoprint iJET


The Markoprint iJET high-speed control system is small, compact and with many possibilities for interlinking. Special features: Unlike other coders, the entire control technology has now been incorporated in the print module for the first time. In this way, iJET creates novel highlights in terms of integration and flexibility.

The control system with Hewlett-Packard printing technology prints up to 12.5 mm high on primary and secondary packaging – accurately and blindingly fast. Writing speeds of up to 300 meters per minute can be achieved, depending on print resolution.



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iLogic - user-friendly interface

Another innovation: system control through “iLOGIC”. This offers a very user-friendly man/machine interface. Input is intuitive via a combination of high-resolution display and iLOGIC operator guidance. The selection of printable text and setting up system parameters is thus very simple – setting new standards. Upward extraction of the empty cartridge is just as simple, requiring a single hand movement, and the new one is inserted with one click.

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