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Markoprint X4JET

Compact control system

Control Systems
  • Compact

  • High performance

  • One or two independent poduct lines

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Markoprint X4JET


With the new high-performance Markoprint X4JET print controller, different inkjet printing technologies can be controlled either simultaneously or alternately.

Depending on the technology used, fonts and barcodes may be printed from 3 to 400 mm font height. This new, compact solution enables printing on both sides of primary as well as secondary packaging and on one or two independent production lines.

Markoprint X4JET

Markoprint X4JET

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Markoprint X4JET offers high availability and printing results of the highest quality. Datamatrix, MHD and batch marking can, for instance, be applied to primary packaging and particularly large barcodes, company logos and certification marks may be applied to secondary packaging. And all this blindingly fast: Because the Markoprint X4JET manages up to 3 000 serializations per minute. The compact control unit can be conveniently integrated into existing conveying systems or into control cabinets.The Markoprint X4JET especially targets:

  • the pharmaceutical industry

  • the foodstuffs industry

  • system integrators​

Using the iDesign software, print layouts can be quickly and intuitively designed by anyone. With simultaneous 1:1 data transmission, the high demands of the pharmaceutical industry are satisfied. No batch processing or downloads necessary. The number of conventional interfaces guarantees fast and smooth communication with higher level data systems.