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Markoprint X1JET HP Handhold

Powerful handheld inkjet printer for use in multiple locations

Control Systems
  • Compact

  • Long-life battery

  • Requires no cover or dismantling during washdown

Tech Info
Mobile marking made easy


The compact design makes the Markoprint X1JET HP HandHold lightweight and easy to use for various marking purposes. Setting up the device and upload of print images is a simple task via the use of a USB stick.


HP ink cartridge with SmartCard feature


The cartridge technology of the X1JET HP HandHold has proven its merits a million times over and will ensure on demand, high quality, high resolution printing up to 12.5 mm. The system detects the inserted cartridge, ink and filling level automatically and sets the ideal parameters. No more manual adjusting or unexpected loss of production.

Markoprint X1JET Handhold

Markoprint X1JET Handhold

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The printer and its accessories are secured neatly in a durable case. Included in delivery:

  • battery

  • charger

  • USB stick

  • instructions

  • iDesign software

Printer Model                                                                           Markoprint X1JET HP HandHold                                       


Performance Data


Print resolution                                   horizontal: 50 to 900 dpi

                                                           vertical: 300 or 600 dpi


Maximum print height                        12.5 mm


Maximum text length                          2 m


Text field                                             yes


Counter                                               yes


Time                                                    yes


Date field                                            yes


Date offset                                          yes


Logo                                                   yes


Input of variables                                no


Action fields                                        yes


1D code / 2D code                             yes / yes


Data transfer from USB stick              yes


Ethernet                                              no


EIA232                                                no


Password levels                                  no


Ink type                                               HP


Technical Parameters



Power supply                                     Battery, 10.8 V


Voltage                                              12 to 24 V AC


Power consumption, maximum         15 W


Ambient temperature                         5 to 40 °C


Relative humidity                               10 to 90 %


International Protection Code            IP 40


Certification                                        CE


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