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Markoprint IP-JET HP MK2

Specially developed for use in harsh environments

  • Compact inkjet printer

  • IP 65 protection rating

  • Compact system combines the printhead and controller in one

Compact inkjet printer with IP 65 protection rating


The IP-JET HP MK2 inkjet printer was specially developed for use in harsh environments with high exposure to dust and moisture. Unlike many other printers on the market, the print head has excellent protection and requires no cover or dismantling during washdown.This solution is particularly well suited for use in Food & Beverage and also in industries such as plastics, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. The compact system combines the printhead and controller in one.



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Tolerant of dust and moisture

The sealed enclosure and waterproof interface prevent moisture ingress and dust particle contamination. The unit is also powered via a special mains power unit with a waterproof M8 plug. The external connections have plug-in connectors with IP67 class protection.


Proven HP printing technology

With the latest in Hewlett Packard printing technology, the system will print text, barcodes, 2D codes, best-before data, batch numbers etc. up to 12.5 mm high and with resolutions up to 600 dpi. The water- and solvent-based inks used by the system open the door to many applications: paper, cartons, varnished surfaces, foils, and plastics are printed with highly legible and permanent print. The system is operated via only 3 buttons with LED status lights, for ease of operation and user-friendliness.


SmartCard: intelligent cartridge monitoring

Intelligent SmartCard cartridge monitoring ensures consistently good print results. It will identify the current type of ink and adjusts the relevant ink parameters automatically. The SmartCard will also capture and store the specific ink fill level. The printing system detects used cartridges and reports current ink fill levels to the controller. This eliminates unexpected production downtimes, allowing the operator to arrange for replacements in good time. Quick and easy with a single hand movement - thanks to the patented Click'n'Print cartridge holder!

Printer Model                                                                           Markoprint IP-JET HP MK2                                       


Performance Data


Maximum print speed HP                  90 m/min


Print resolution                                   horizontal: 50 to 900 dpi

                                                           vertical: 300 or 600 dpi


Maximum print height                        12.5 mm

Maximum text length                          2 m

Text field                                             yes

Counter                                               yes

Time                                                    yes


Date field                                            yes


Date offset                                          yes


Logo                                                   yes


Input of variables                                no


Action fields                                        yes


1D code / 2D code                             yes / yes


Data transfer from USB stick              yes


Ethernet                                              yes


EIA232                                                yes


Password levels                                  yes

Configurable                                       2 inputs/4 outputs


Technical Parameters



Mains unit supply voltage                  100 - 240 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz (1~)


Unit supply voltage                             2 - 24 VDC


Power consumption, maximum           25 W


Power consumption, standby             1.6 W


Ambient temperature                          5 to 40°C


Protection class                                  IP 65

(with overpressure)


Splash guard                                      yes

Certification                                         CE


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