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Evolabel FlexWipe Applicator

 Pallet labeling system

  • Totally safe

  • User friendly

  • Compact

  • Fast

  • Cost effective

Evolabel FlexWipe - a giant leap for Pallet Labeling


Evolabel FlexWipe pallet labeling system turns traditional pallet labelling up-side-down. Instead of being dangerous, hard to use, large, slow and expensive, the Evolabel FlexWipe system is totally safe, user friendly, compact, fast and cost effective. 


Enhancing safety - The unique Tactile arm eliminates any risk of crushing between the moving applicator arm and the printer or the pallet. If you put your hand in the way, the stepper motor driven arm stops and the system gives an alarm. The Tactile arm together with the Pivotable machine mount, negates the need of expensive guarding. This does not only reduce cost and release floor space, it also gives direct and quick access to the system for the operator. The label roll is replaced within 20 seconds and it takes only a minute to replace the print head or print roller when needed.



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Front, Side and Rear pallet labeling

The free motion apply (patent pending) allows the same configuration to apply either of the two adjacent sides (side+front or side+back) within 12 seconds. This includes validation of all barcodes on the GS1 SSCC label. The FlexWipe system can label all tree sides without having the pallet to stop if check scanning is not required.


Evolabel FlexWipe pallet applicator is a safe, compact, fast and easy to use solution for tough industrial environments. 


The FlexWipe is releasing flexibility due to both the compact nature of the unit and the same applicator can label all three sides towards the system. The FlexWipe Pallet Labelling System is built upon two servo-controlled rotating movements. The inner monocoque arm can rotate 360º and the labels can leave the printer in two directions (patent pending). The outer arm holding the applicator pad can rotate 200º. A camera-based scanner is located behind the applicator pad. When a validation check scan is required the arms move and turn 180º to an optimal reading position, where all printed barcodes are checked.

Applicator Model                               FlexWipe Pallet applicator                                  


Suitable printer models                         T63


Minimum label size                                80x80 mm


Maximum label size                               150x240 mm


Label height position                              Standard 770 +/- 400 mm
(top of label)                                           (Optional 1270 +/- 400 mm)

Label position (symmetric) at  min          237 mm from pallet corner to  near edge of A5 label

distance (50 mm) between  

applicator and pallet 
Minimum separation between                 750 mm separation required 


Label position (symmetric) at                 50 mm from pallet corner to  near edge of A5 label

max distance (195 mm)  

between applicator and pallet
Minimum separation between  

pallets                                                     650 mm separation required


Label position (asymmetric) at               Front/Back label: 50 mm  from pallet corner to near  edge of A5 label 

smallest possible separation                  Side label: 343 mm from  pallet corner to near edge of  A5 label 

between pallets (450 mm)
Distance between applicator                  215 mm distance required                 

and pallet 


 Air supply                                               6 bar, clean and dry

 Capacity (2-side labeling)                      Exceeds 5 pallets/min

 Dimensions (WxDxH)                             916x610x2047 mm

 Weight (only applicator)                         9 kg
 Weight (T63 printer+applicator)             38 kg
 Weight (FlexWipe,T63 + stand)              82 kg

 Models                                                   One model for any side

Example of label position (symmetric). Here at the minimum recommended clearance of 50 mm between applicator and pallet, which position the labels 237 mm from the pallet corner. 

The pivotable machine mount takes away crushing hazards between the moving pallet and the pallet applicator. If a person gets between the moving pallet and the applicator (pos Y1) the applicator will rotate from its operation position X1 towards X2 and further. This will leave room for the person between the pallet and the system (pos Y2). The system will also detect and alarm so the production line can be stopped. The pivotable machine mount can turn 90 deg counter clock wise and 180 deg clock wise.

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