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Evolabel Wipe Large Applicator

 For large labels

  • Handles label size up to A5 format

  • Thermal transfer and direct thermal technologies

Tech Info
Evolabel Wipe Large Applicator


The Evolabel Wipe Large applicator is developed to apply large labels on the front of boxes. Together with the Evolabel 6" wide printer, it handles label size up to A5 format. As all Evolabel applicators, the Wipe Large is automatically folded away when changing label roll - together with the clean media path in the T63 printer, this function makes changing label roll quick and easy. Evolabel T63 printer handles both thermal transfer technology as well as direct thermal technology.



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Various label size without any changes

Evolabel's patented applicator plates ensure perfect label positioning. The same applicator plate handles various size labels without any adjustments or changes of settings. This thanks to the built in vacuum ejectors that works in several individual groups, securing good vacuum even if only a part of the plate is covered by the label.