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Evolabel e-Wipe Large Applicator

 Flexible in where it can apply

  • To apply labels on the front or rear end of a box/product

  • Touch screen panel

  • Any angle from a few degrees up to 200 degrees

Tech Info
Evolabel e-Wipe Large Applicator


The Evolabel e-Wipe Large applicator is mainly designed to apply labels on the front or rear end of a box/product. It is also useful for around the corner applications, where one part of the label, for example, is applied on the front and the other part of the label is wiped around the corner to the top of the box. The e-Wipe Large applicator suits all Evolabel printer models; D43, T43 and T63. The arm is stepper motor driven which gives full control of all phases of the movement, such as acceleration, speed, apply angle, print position etc. All settings are easy accessible through the touch screen panel which makes installation quick and easy. 



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Front, rear, top or side...

The apply angle of the arm and applicator plate which holds the label firmly with vacuum, can be set in any angle from a few degrees up to 200 degrees. This makes the e-Wipe Large very flexible in where it can apply the label. As all other Evolabel applicators does during service, the e-Wipe Large moves automatically away from the print head to a service position, giving great access during paper/ribbon change and during print head cleaning.

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