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Open Date

Foils and Ribbons

 Foil Accessories 

Open Date carries the best quality Hot Stamp Foil and Thermal Transfer Ribbon in a wide variety of sizes suitable for printing onto most label surfaces and packaging materials. 

We stock sizes for most popular printer types (in black - other colors can be ordered for you) 

Thermal Ribbon 

Without a doubt, good quality thermal printing with maximum printhead life depends on using high-quality thermal ribbon. As manufacturers of thermal transfer printers, we are very aware of this basic fact. We have, therefore, spent a lot of time specifying the best thermal ribbon to run on our own printers and can now offer all thermal transfer customers the benefit of our experience. 

Open Date carries an extensive stock of thermal ribbon suitable for printing onto most label surfaces and packaging materials. We can't claim to have the cheapest ribbon, nor the widest range of varieties. We do, however, have extremely high-quality products in each of the three main types, that we can ship at short notice at competitive pricing. 


Types of Ribbon 

Generally, our thermal ribbon is available in three qualities: wax, wax/resin, and resin. The difference between them is their resistance to friction (i.e. scratching): 

Wax is the least expensive to buy and prints very well with low energy needs. The print from wax ribbons is not the best for scratch and rub resistance (although s great on certain plastic film), but is ideal for many applications. 

Wax/Resin are slightly more expensive, but have a much higher level of scratch and rub resistance, while still being easy to use. 

Resin ribbon offers much higher levels of scratch and rub resistance and performs very well in alcohol resistance tests. This type of ribbon is ideal for labeling pharmaceutical and medical products. Although they require higher printhead energy, the resin ribbons in our range print very well at high speeds on most printers. 

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