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Quality and reliability

  • Simple to use

  • Up to 1,200 prints per minute

  • 305 metre (1,000ft) foil capacity

  • Easy fit foil magazine

  • End of foil alarm

  • Digital electronic control unit

  • Fully variable temperature control

Tech Info
Printmaster Series

The Printmaster range of Hot Foil printers has a worldwide reputation for quality and reliability, while the print speed potential is unrivaled. They can be attached to any reel fed packaging or labeling machine using either standard or custom designed mounting frames to provide an extremely versatile and durable in-line coding and overprinting facility. They are simple to use and require only minimal maintenance.


Minimal downtime

Printmasters feature an easy change magazine with automatic foil drive location system enabling downtime for foil replacement to be kept to a minimum.


Control Unit standard

All Printmasters are supplied with an electronic control unit, standard type holder, and solenoid valve. They are simple to use and require minimal maintenance.

Printmaster 1000

Offering a print area of 50 x 25mm, the Printmaster 1000 operates at speeds of up to 700 prints per minute

Printmaster PLUS

If you require larger print areas the Printmaster PLUS delivers up to 300 prints per minute to a print area of 50 x 40mm

Printmaster 'S'

The Printmaster 'S' can produce an overprint in less than 50 milliseconds giving attainable operating speeds of up to 1,200 prints per minute.

Printer Model                                                    Printmaster 1000                       Printmaster Plus                      Printmaster "S

Print Area                                                                      50 x 25mm                                  50 x 40mm                               50 x 20mm


Operating Speed - Maximum                                    700 per minute                           300 per minute                       1,200 per minute


Cycle Time - Minimum                                               80 milliseconds                         175 milliseconds                       30 milliseconds


Air Cylinder                                                                                         40 dia x 13mm                                                     40 dia x 7mm


Free Air Consumption per Cycle                                                        228cc @ 6.8 bar                                                 122cc @ 6.8 bar


Dwell Time Range                                                                                                    12-650 milliseconds


End of Foil Alarm                                                                                                              Standard


Foil Capacity                                                                                                                 305m (1,000ft)


Foil Width - Maximum                                                                                                         58mm


Foil Feed Adjustment                                                                              Positive, accurate and infinitely adjustable


Air Pressure                                                                                                        4.0 to 6.8 bar (60 to 100 PSI)


Print Head Dimensions                                                                                               195 x 223 x 160mm


Printer Weight                                                                                                                 5.25kg (11.5lbs)


Temperature Range                                                                                     Variable between 70 and 220 degrees C


Operating Voltage                                                                                                  110 or 240v AC, 50/60 Hz


Control Unit Dimensions                                                                                               240 x 145 x 66mm

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