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Thermocode 53E

Compact and easy to install

  • Compact and easy to install

  • All electronic operation and does not use compressed air

  • No mechanical levelling or height adjustments are required for print quality

  • Print pressure, burn values and speed adjustments are all carried out via the display module and individually stored within the print format

Tech Info
Thermocode 53E

The Thermocode 53E is an ideal first step into using intermittent Thermal Transfer-coding technology where the regular date, batch and price code changes, real-time coding, barcoding, and graphics are required.

It is extremely user-friendly, with onboard printer diagnostics and no mechanical adjustments required for print quality.

Suitable for all intermittent motion packaging and labeling machinery.


Standard Print Formats

The 53E is supplied pre-loaded with a selection of commonly used print formats along with three fonts, one Bitmap (.sfp) and two True Type (.ttf). These print formats can be edited and saved via the display module.

Should the pre-loaded formats or fonts not be suitable then users can create their own with the optional Codesoft Pro format design software. Additionally, Codesoft Pro can be linked to a variety of Databases.​

1.   Thermocode 53E printer

2.   Power supply (115 or 240v)

3.   1.5 m long printer to power supply cable(3, 5 and 6 m optional)

4.   Display module with fixing bracket

5.   3 meters long PC to printer lead 

6.   RecoverMode printer recovery software

7.   Print pad (72x72 mm)

8.   Roll of wax/resin thermal ribbon

9.   Printhead cleaning kit

10. Operating/instalation manual

Maximum print area: 

53.3 x 30mm


Printhead width:



Printhead resolution:

300 dpi (12 dots/mm)


Ribbon capacity:

300m maximum

Maximum ribbon width:


Printer weight:



Cycles per minute:

350 maximum


Print speed per second:

400mm maximum


Memory capacity:


Power supply weight:



Baud rate - maximum:



Supply voltage:

115/240 volts AC

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