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Inter Mac

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Inter Mac designs and manufactures drop-on-demand ink jet printers since 1996.  The printers are used to mark numbers, codes and characters on materials like steel, paper and woods to trace and identify for quality assurance.  Since its founding, Inter Mac continues to focus on R&D and quality improvement to meet a variety of requirements in manufacturing industries. The company has successfully applied its proprietary technology maccell solenoid valve and Drop On Demand (DOD) type printhead.


  • Knowledge from long experience

  • Pursue excellence in quality

  • Innovation in proprietary technology


  • Reliable engineers and staff

  • Highly skill technicians you can trust

  • Excellent customer services


  • Proprietary Technology

  • Subminiature and ultralight solenoid valve

  • 175 meters per minute marking speed

  • High density and clear font

  • Can be used with other ink (MEK, water, ethanol)

  • Various font size and graphics supports

  • Durability in any environment


  • Newly designed to prevent from ink clogging

  • Simple system design for quick recovery support

  • Proven quality in the international market

Maccell DOD
maccell DOD_edited.jpg
maccell DOD Ink Jet
maccell pigmented.jpg
maccell Pigmented Ink Jet
maccell hp7_edited.png
maccell HP7
maccell handy-jet.jpg
maccell Handy-jet
maccell t3 marker_edited.png
maccell T3 + Marker
Maccell Premium
maccell premium waterproof_edited.png
maccell Waterproof
maccell paint jet_edited.png
maccell Paint Jet
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