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maccell DOD

maccell Handy-jet

The integrated system of controller, printhead and inkjet reservoir

maccell handy jet_edited.jpg
  • The most economical industrial Inkjet Printer

  • Just start using by plug-in

  • Ready to use by plug-in

  • Ultra high speed marking by the 100 meters per minute

  • All-in-one design including its own ink supply device

  • Providing with excellent application to workplace and compact design

Tech Info
maccell Handy-jet


Inter Mac has built hand-jet printers on a proven concept that provides reliability, efficiency and ease of use. It incorporates innovative simplicity and flexibility. Characterized by their compact size, handy jet is perfect for one side case coding for lot numbers, dates, and counter. It guarantees print quality and long printhead life.

Installation Guide
Maccell Handy Jet Installation Guide.png
Model Classification
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