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maccell DOD
Tech Info

maccell Pigment ink jet

Proven pigment quality from various manufacturing environment

maccell pigmented.jpg
  • Proprietary technology

  • Simple and robust design

  • Customized design available

  • Auto flush function

  • 175 meter per minute  speed

  • White pigment ink

  • Exporting over 30 countries

maccell Pigment ink jet


Maccell pigment inkjet marking system provides continuous ink circulation throughout the ink container, ink tubing, and printhead to prevent settling of pigments. The industry demands high system availability and process stability. The DOD convinces with its reliability and minimum maintenance requirements. Maccell system can mark on any surfaces like metal, glass, ceramic, stone, wood, carpet, textiles or organic material. The marking system has proven itself on any materials from almost all industries.

Maccell special designed by Inter Mac
maccell™ Printhead

 - 7.16 or 32 Nozzles

 - 250 micron nozzles)

maccell pigment printhead.png
maccell special designed by Inter Mac_ed
Stainless steel Ink supply system
Maccell ink reservoir is made of stainless steel. Its robust structure and durability help provide ink continuously and protect from any impact. Inter Mac provides two sizes of ink reservoirs 2.5 litre and 5.14 litre. 
Wave utility bracket
Wave utility bracket is designed by Inter Mac and has made to solve error factor caused by a difference of distance between product and printhead. It is useful on PP bag, paper bag, drum, uneven surfaces which can not be moved to a certain position. It can keep regular distance between Bracket and products, so it is possible to clean and fine marking on various surfaces. It also could be mounted top, side and bottom according to your preference. 
maccell special designed by Inter Mac_ed
maccell special designed by Inter Mac_ed
Air supply system
Maccell products use factory air supply. For some particular environment, Inter Mac installs air supply system A-1 into the printer.
Pigment Auto flush system
Easy cleaning system enables the machine to clean inside of the printhead. It helps easy maintenance and complete cleaning work. In addition, it is possible to use for a long time with one ink refill because there are 3 types of large capacity SUS containers.  
Pigment Auto Flush System 4.png
Pigment Auto Flush System 2.png
Pigment Auto Flush System 3.png
Pigment Auto Flush System 1.png
Product selection guide
maccell DOD 7.png
Ink Color
Inter Mac offers a wide range of inks to meet your daily printing need. More than 10 years of experience in formulating and manufacturing inks can help you get the highest quality inks available in the market and optimal performance with our printers.
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maccell pigmented inkjet specs.png
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