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maccell DOD
Tech Info

maccell Premium Paint Jet

The flexible, modular design

maccell paint jet.png
  • Inks are available in paint and pigment

  • Large paint ink reservoir and supply

  • Robust and simple design

  • Excellent application in any environment 

  • powerful paint-jet solenoid valve

  • Paint-jet system control drive

maccell Premium Waterproof


Inter Mac launched a paint marking machine that offers a high quality. Distinct marking system design with special paint shows excellent contrast and results on the surfaces like steel and iron. THe marking lasts for a long time even in outdoor conditions.

Paint inkjet printer is based on the principle of inkjet printer, but inscribing characters on a cylindrical iron or steel body is the most challenging technology. Today Intermac marking systems are operated in more than 20 countries, and it significantly contributes to our experience in development, engineering and manufacturing of high quality marking systems.


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