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maccell DOD

maccell T-3+ Marker

Sophisticated and precise Maccell DOD Technology

maccell t3 marker_edited.png
  • Small and leightweighted marker

  • Fast response by Maccell DOD Technology

  • Non-contact spray method Dot & Line marking

  • Easy control of valve

  • Auto cleaning function on ink nozzle

Tech Info
maccell T-3 + Marker


InterMac maccell T-3 + applies a new DOD technology to print on a wide range of substrates. The print heads of these printers contain a series of chambers that are filled with ink. By applying voltages to the walls of these chambers, a distortion is caused that bows the walls outwards. This distortion causes the ink pressure to drop, drawing more ink into the chamber. When the voltage is released and the walls return to their original positions, an ink droplet is expelled through each selected print nozzle.

Ink Supply Module

 - Robust

 - Reliable

 - 1 liter stainless steel Ink Supply System

maccell T3 Marker Supply System.png
Ink Color
Inter Mac offers a wide range of inks to meet your daily printing need. More than 10 years of experience in formulating and manufacturing inks can help you get the highest quality inks available in the market and optimal performance with our printers.
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maccell T3 + Marker Size.png
Marking Type
maccell T3 + Marker Marking Type.png
Model Information
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maccell T3 + Marker Specs.png
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